«Employers We Trust.» quality label

Conducted on a regular basis, surveys among employees represent an important management tool in order to obtain feedback and are a mark of appreciation towards employees. Targeted surveys and the initiation of corresponding follow-up processes enables companies to establish trust and thus to create a foundation for successful long-term collaboration. However, surveys and results alone do not trigger processes of change and development. This requires standards regarding the concept, implementation, and evaluation of the surveys, as well as with regard to the supporting measures, which amongst other things include the communications and support of the management staff with the deduction and implementation of measures.


Companies and organisations that are awarded the «Employers We Trust.» label by Empiricon are characterised by a high level of appreciation for their employees, but also by their commitment to continuous further development. They are willing to look closely, to scrutinise and to compare. They want to be aware of their strengths and of what potential for improvement can be activated to ensure a successful future.

These are employers that employees trust.

Quality criteria

Together with the independent consulting and research company Empiricon, Swiss companies and the University of Fribourg have developed quality criteria that are required in order to obtain the “Employers We Trust.” label. “Employers We Trust.” is the quality label for companies that use surveys in a systematic and targeted manner, in order to gain qualified feedback about the work situation, which is then used to initiate targeted development processes.



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